Personal Backup Management & Recovery


The process of backing up personal files worries most people. The fear that something will go wrong and that a file may get accidentally deleted is always at the top of the list when I ask about individuals backup experience. Another worry is, once a backup solution is installed, hoping that the backups are actually working. All backup software, including external usb backups, network attached storage, Apple’s time machine or online backups to name a few, all have their design issues and some are more confusing that others.


Hard Drive Recovery


We never want to think about the idea of our hard drive crashing. This though puts immediate fear in ones mind. Our digital lives are not only saved documents and emails but today we save digital photos of loved ones, legal documents, address books, calendars and just about every other part of our digital life. We believe that hard drives are stable and long lasting. Although they are reletively durable they do have a life span or 4-5 years, and small drops can kill them. Even if your current had drive is past this age it is already showing signs of wear with slower read/write access and possible corrupt sectors that you may not even be aware of. We see too often people needing hard drive recovery due to lack of current backups or no backups at all. Although we do have a good success rate in hard drive data recovery not all hard drives can be recovered so its best to get that older, working, hard drive replaced now while its easily accessed.


My goal is to simplify the process for you so you feel confident that your files are safe.



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