Client Testimonials

Lindley B

“Jarred knows the intricacies of Mac computers inside and out. He has been an invaluable technical support per- son for our Mac for the past 4 or 5 years. He has helped us set up new operating systems, trouble shoot glitches and figure out why things are just not working the way they should.

He has also helped us navigate through the morass of computers, applications and technological products by advising us on which products would best serve our needs and that of our business. He does all of this with extreme patience and a lack of condescension (quite differently from other computer technicians I have hired in the past).

I would highly recommend him. In fact I have recommend him to many friends and they have always been more than delighted with his work in resolving their computer issues.”



Rose Russo

“Jarred continues to amaze me with his ability and knowledge of the computer. He’s an artist and technical genius which is a rare combination! His soft voice and confident energy is always reassuring in time of crisis. Jarred has always found a solution to my computer issue in a timely manner with “down to earth” language and patience. I recommend him to all my friends and colleagues! He’s a gem!—Rose Russo, Graphic Designer, Newburyport, MA




“I have used Newburport IT for many years and think it is great! Jared shows up right on time, listens carefully to what you need help with then zeroes in on the computer (I have a p.c.) and pretty speedily has is working right. He is very knowledgeable about computers and can give you advice about upgrading, buying a new computer, etc. I highly recommend him.”

Gary & Susan

“Jarred built our website in a very professional manner, finishing on time and within budget. His technical and design choices were both excellent, and we were very happy with the result. His advice and counsel were extremely important to us as we embarked on the development of our website. He was responsive to our needs, and helped us to understand not only the initial design, but also how to maintain portfolio/inventory on our own. Jarred provided us with a great value, and a site that we are proud of. ”



Gail Kauranen Jones

“SMART, RESPONSIVE, CREATIVE…and a calm and supportive resource.

Working with Jarred far exceeded any technical support I ever received from IT professionals and even vendors. He knew more than Apple support when I converted from a PC to a Mac, and simultaneously from a flip phone to iPhone—making both transitions easy and seamless. He has taken my calls at the oddest hours and even from abroad when some technical glitches needed to be resolved in a timely manner. He has offered many brilliant, yet simple solutions for helping me maintain visibility for my coaching and writing business. Most of all, I appreciate his kind, supportive manner while quickly solving issues that would have taken me days to figure out on my own. The fact that he is also an artist (he’s both a photographer and architectural designer as well) provides the added bonus of his great visual sense of what works and does not. I look forward to redesigning my website with him later this year.—Gail Kauranen Jones, author and life/wellness coach,, Scottsdale, AZ.”